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Trisha Ambe
Senior Usability & Human Factors Researcher

Trisha brings empathy and compassion to her medical device-focused usability and human factors research.

Trisha has a background in biomedical engineering and medical device design, but she shifted her focus to usability and human factors research after designing a prosthetic limb socket. She realized how much could be gained by speaking with users and understanding their needs and experiences. Now, she enjoys connecting with patients and clinicians to learn about the ways they use medical devices.

Before joining Bresslergroup, Trisha worked in-house for medical device manufacturers, so she understands their industry needs. She uses that insider perspective to guide her current work. Her areas of expertise include usability testing of medical devices, human factors design for medical device interfaces, and understanding a product’s clinical use.

Trisha earned her Master’s in Biomedical Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University, where she also earned her Bachelor’s in Materials Science and Engineering, with an additional major in Biomedical Engineering. Trisha loves anything creative and artistic, and outside of work she spends much of her free time painting, drawing, and doodling. She can also be found exploring the city. Some of her favorite places to visit are parks, museums, and restaurants.

What's your favorite all-time product? TurboTax’s online interface makes paying your taxes less painful — and that speaks to the wonders of user experience design. If you could redesign anything, what would it be? Everything about airports: the security process, where seats and outlets are located, baggage claim, etc. What are you most curious about? What animals and babies think when they encounter new things.