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Trisha Eckard
Project Manager

Trisha loves managing the complicated puzzles of schedules and logistics.

She spent a couple years handling participant recruiting and project management for Bresslergroup’s user research team before transitioning to a broader role. She now assists with project management for the user research, interaction design, and industrial design teams.

At any time Trisha can be juggling twelve projects at once so it’s good she’s a fan of planning way in advance and embracing last-minute changes. Her responsibilities include client management, keeping track of budget and scope, managing internal and external team member expectations, and making sure everyone involved is satisfied. Her tricks of the trade include neat handwriting, playing nicely with business software, and a deep understanding of the schedule slide in our PowerPoint template.

Before joining Bresslergroup, Trisha spent several years in organizational management and planning. She has a bachelor’s degree in Speech-Language and Hearing Science from Temple University, and when she’s not at work, Trisha likes to spend as much time as possible outside horseback riding, skiing, and playing mini-golf. She’s also on a quest to visit every National Park.

What's your favorite all-time product? Noise-cancelling headphones What are you most curious about? What drives people's choices and decisions Any hidden talents? I make fantastic lattes.