Work With Us
Trisha Eckard
Project Coordinator

Trisha handles recruiting and project management for the User Research team.

In this role she’s discovered the satisfaction that comes from successfully recruiting participants for a difficult user research study. “It’s become one of the most fulfilling things I do,” she says. “It’s a great feeling to get to the end of the road and be happy with what you’ve accomplished.”

She’s inspired by the team atmosphere here and the “can-do” attitude her co-workers exude when the going gets tough. That’s one way she knows she’s in the right place. The other? She enjoys unscrambling the puzzle of complex schedules and travel logistics for a team that is constantly on the road.

Trisha’s work experience includes several years in organizational management and planning. She has a BA in Speech-Language and Hearing Science from Temple University. Outside of work you can find her riding horses, skiing, or cheering for the Temple football team.

What are you most curious about? How things are made and how they work. I’ve always taken things apart just to see if I can put them back together. If you could redesign anything, what would it be? Ski boot bindings Any hidden talents? I make fantastic lattes, can play five musical instruments, and play a mean game of miniature golf.