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The 3 Biggest Roadblocks in Product Development

There’s no roadmap when it comes to entrepreneurship. Every founder takes a different path from point A to B and has a unique experience to go along with it.

That said, as a product-development consultant (and former entrepreneur), I continue to see startups encountering the same set of roadblocks over and over again. Founders are often more concerned about things like perfection rather than execution, which not only lengthens the time-frame for launch but can also have detrimental side effects such as a weak product-market fit.

Here are the three biggest sore spots and my advice on how to get around them:

1. Knowing when to stop adding features. During the development and prototype process, added features will occur to you or people will suggest them. Knowing how and when to say no is vital. (It isn’t called a minimum-viable product for nothing.) …

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