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All Moved In: Making This House a Home

A little over a year ago we were packing up our old office to prepare to move to this one. By the first week of August we had officially moved in and started working on the 7th floor of 1216 Arch.

Our shelves didn’t stay bare for long. If you come visit, these are some of the objects you’ll find around 1216 Arch — a couple we brought with us, and others are new. Lily Wolf had the idea to photograph a few office artifacts to show how we’ve “made our house a home” since moving in. As at home, the things we collect and keep here say a lot about who we are, how we work, and what we consider important.


  • This shelfie of Chris Murray‘s contains the books he references most frequently. There are a few ergonomics books, including one on power tools that is especially useful for hand anthropometric data. He likes 1000 Chairs, because it shows how one product can have so many different variations. His other tomes include the “bible on customer empathy” and The Design of Business by Roger Martin, the first book on design thinking.
  • Takiyah Felder got these 3d-printed selfies around the corner at NRI 3D Labs when they had walk-in selfie services during Philly Tech Week 2016. “The bobblehead reminds me that I rock,” she says.
  • One of the things we knew we’d miss was the food truck outside our old office on Market Street. Thankfully we’re in Philly so it didn’t take long for us to find another great food truck that just so happens to serve the best spicy chicken in the city. It’s at Halal Gyro King, a truck at 12th and Chestnut, and we like it so much that the owner is renaming this dish after us — Bressler Chicken Over Rice. (There are too many Bresslergroupers to tag here.)
  • Jason Kelly‘s daughter, Layla, made him this very special picture frame.
  • Nick McGill keeps things at his his desk that encourage him to “think about what I’ve done in the past, look forward to the future, and remind me what’s important,” such as a certificate of appreciation from his mentorship of Malvern Prep’s First Robotics team; a flyer from the Robot Universe Showdown he judged at the Hacktory; an “I love ESE” (Electrical and Systems Engineering) sticker from his department at U of Penn; and a bag of LEGOs from the LEGO store in Copenhagen, procured during a family vacation.


  • Eric Chang likes to keep the earliest prototypes of his racing drones on his shelf — this is the first prototype of the frame and board for his U120 micro quad. (See how it factors into the finished drone in his build log.)
  • Jets fan, Chris Phelan, gave his Rex Ryan bobblehead to Bre Stachowski once the coach left the Jets for Buffalo, where Bre grew up. She added the Buffalo stickers. Good repurposing.
  • Dani Feldman decorated her desk with bibs from the 15 races she has run since graduating from college in 2012. There are three Broad Street Runs, a few half marathons, and at least one Frozen Knuckle (a 5k on the beach in February). “I like to challenge myself,” she says. “I think it’s fun.”
  • We named our conference rooms: Blank Slate is great for brainstorming.
  • Bikes were one thing we ran out of room for at our old office so we made sure to build dedicated bike storage into this one.



  • Industrial designer Annie Deng is drawn to beautiful things. And she has been drawing since she was a kid. This bag, a gift from a high school friend, has held her favorite Muji markers and pens for years. It traveled with her to Philadelphia from Washington state.
  • Model maker John Kurcheski‘s hacker sign reminds him of his hacker friends and of one of his favorite movies. His son, John Joshua, approves.
  • We marked up the Ingo Maurer Zettel’z 5 that hangs in our reception area with our own words and images.
  • Of course we had to make a branded tap for our Bresslergroup Brewery beer.

There you have it, a quick snapshot of Bresslergroup via our artifacts. What do we find important? Bikes, drones, family, good markers, spicy chicken, beer. … Cheers to all who contributed to this tour, and to another year of meaningful artifact-gathering.