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Culture Reel: A Bit About Us

Our culture reel is up! Check it out on our website’s About page or here:

From the Cutting Room Floor:

The video captures Bresslergroupers talking about how we got into design, what we’re most curious about, and what excites us about working here. Of course there was a lot of material that didn’t make it into the final cut. Here’s some of it:

How did we get into design?
We watched a lot of sci-fi as kids; played video games; built things with our moms, dads, and grandfathers; played with LEGOs, Lincoln Logs, Erector Sets, and R/C cars; had parents who collected stuff; competed in Science Olympiads and Odyssey of the Mind; joined Robotics and Women in Engineering Clubs; looked forward to art classes; spent a lot of time at flea markets; and were given soldering irons at impressionable ages.

What do we Google?
Some of our most recent searches (for work) include: non-ballasted solar panel systems, user testing facilities in Sao Paulo, Optek photo interrupters, lead screws, evolutionary structural optimization, sample plaque molding, embedded stripline antennae, hydrophobic gecko skin, and bike commuting accessories.

But in general, we’re curious about, well, everything.

What excites us about working at Bresslergroup:
The tools!; beer; that moment when we flip the “on” switch and the prototype works; the hybrid approach to design (the engineers are creative, and the designers have technical know-how); seeing products come to life from a sketch; the great variety of products we work on; getting paid to create; and “Basically the whole reason my job exists is to make other peoples’ lives easier, safer, or more enjoyable. Hard to be mad at that. ”

When we’re not hard at work, we can be found:
Singing opera, learning improv, mentoring high school robotics teams, flying drones, sailing boats, whitewater kayaking, playing bubble soccer, playing in a klezmer ensemble, racing go-karts, making stuff on our 3D printers, and trying to knock Bresslergroup Shuffleboard Champ — Craig Hidalgo — off his throne.

p.s. We’re looking for some curious, hard-working colleagues to join our team. Think you or someone you know might be a fit? Check out our latest job posts, including Design and Innovation Strategist, User Researcher, Product Development Engineer, and Software/Firmware Developer.