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Looking Back, Moving Forward

Over the past few weeks we’ve slowly transferred the contents of our shelves, conference rooms, and desks into quickly multiplying columns of boxes.

Today the shop and lab are being packed up and pretty soon the shuffleboard frame that’s been waiting patiently in our lower conference room will make its way to 1216 Arch, as will we! As of Monday, we’ll all be there instead of here (hopefully we’ll all remember to go there instead of here) — here, where Bresslergroup has lived since 1995.

We’re not the most sentimental bunch. Home is where the coworkers and the 3D printers are. But there are a lot of things we’ll miss and some we’ll remember fondly. We asked around the office to capture them while they’re still fresh in our minds. Here’s a selection:

What We’ll Miss Most About 2400 Market Street


Clockwise from top: The frozen Schuylkill; the guys behind the counter at Mama’s; Lopez!; chicken and lamb from the cart in front of PECO.

  • “My seven-minute commute.”
  • “My six-minute commute.”
  • “My short commute. (But even though it’s a very short walk, I’m still late for staff meeting every week.)”
  • “My bike ride to the office along Spruce and Pine streets.”
  • “Walking through 30th Street Station every day — the neo-classical style clad in marble with gold painted ceilings, the enormously high ceilings in the waiting room, and the statues and frescoes dotting the place.”
  • “The chicken-and-rice food cart in front of PECO.”
  • “I’ll miss my almost perfect viewing angle to see when leftovers leave the Upper Conference Room and make their way to the kitchen.”
  • “Lopez [at Le Petit Cafe]. The most cheerful guy I’ve ever met.”
  • “Lopez at the Cafe with goodies.”
  • “Lopez and his lattes.”
  • “Sweet potato brownies from Pure Fare.”
  • “Proximity to Mama’s Vegetarian (and I’m a carnivore).”
  • “Being able to tell everyone I work at the building with the whales painted on the side.”
  • “Walking past the river every day, and seeing it out the window from the office.”
  • “Twenty-foot ceilings for class 4 hail drop tests.”
  • “The artifacts of the years – boats, old projects, old equipment … all the trappings of a long running design company.”

Our Fondest Memories Of 2400 Market Street


Clockwise from top: Our ‘Enginerding Lab’; the shop; tasting BG Brewery’s Imperial Innovation (so far, our top-ranked beer); droning off of the roof; the flood!; gathering before our last holiday party.

  • “My first day on the job.”
  • “Sitting upstairs on a cold, snowy winter day and watching the snow fall on the frozen Schuylkill River.”
  • “Running past our building on the Schuylkill River Path and thinking, ‘I work here!’”
  • “I’ll always remember 2400 Market as the location of my very first full-time job.”
  • “I fondly recall starting with Bresslergroup in the adjacent 2,500 square foot space. Me and six others. It was small and very scrappy but with lots of talent and energy. I didn’t know what the hell I was doing, so it was fun spliced with terror.”
  • “Seeing the walls broken down to more than double the size of the space as we grew.”
  • “My fondest memory is probably the last time we expanded. The new space was twice as big and seemed so full of possibilities. It’ll be fun to feel that again.”
  • “When I first started here… realizing that I basically have everything I need in the lab to make almost anything I want. The lab was (still is) an engineer’s heaven.”
  • “Droning off the roof.”
  • “Watching fireworks from the roof. Or perhaps the Schuylkill creeping up to the back door.”
  • “Placing computers on higher ground every time the Schuylkill flooded (and not getting flooded).”
  • “Sampling the latest brews. And the view of the frozen river.”
  • BG Brewery’s first batch of IPA.”
  • “Watching a bunch of college students carry a sofa up the ramp to Chestnut Street.”
  • “Beer tasting and happy hours (but we’ll still have those).”

What We’re Looking Forward To At 1216 Arch Street


Clockwise from top left: Our new digs, the Young Smyth Field Building; Reading Terminal Market; movin’ on up to the 7th floor; dumplings in Chinatown.

  • “Beer on tap.”
  • “A brewery with 240V, running water, and a drain.”
  • “Lunch at Reading Terminal Market and proximity to Chinatown.”
  • “Reading Terminal Market is pretty high on the list.”
  • “Seven flights of stairs!”
  • “Adapting to our new home away from home.”
  • “New shop and lab area; more conference rooms.”
  • “Seeing how our new branding [debuting soon!] and space all tie together.”
  • “More street life and the vibrant neighborhood.”
  • “Even bigger lab space.”
  • “Our in-house usability lab.”
  • “The AIA bookshop, Fabric Workshop & Museum, and Reading Terminal Market pulled pork sandwiches.”
  • “Watching the evolution of the Reading Viaduct Rail Park.”
  • “Everything will be new!”

See you on the other side. Of town!