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#sideproject: Designs for an Organized Workspace

Personal projects are a way to exercise creativity and help a designer gain awareness of problems outside the ones they’re solving for clients. I try to do at least one a month. My strategy is to develop simple solutions for small problems. (I’m a designer, not Superman.) For this post I’ve compiled three from the last year or so that have organized themselves around the problem of workspace organization, specifically around a designer’s workspace.



Strip Strap

Strip Strap (above) was already in my notebook. I rediscovered it one day while flipping around, and I wanted to try and make it three-dimensional. It’s a multi-purpose strap for hanging clothes, securing cables, and managing cables. It secures things better and has much more capability than a hook, and the surface is writeable. It attaches via a strong adhesive on the back.





VU Board

In Indonesia, where I’m from, and in Malaysia, where I went to design school, we use A3 paper for sketching and we carry it in a big folder. To transport it, you either roll it (but it gets curled) or fold it (but it gets creased). I was trying to think of an in-between solution that won’t disrupt the paper. This has a hard cover and rubber interior. It pinches the edges instead of the center, and it doubles as protection and sketching board.





XYZ Plane

Sitting at my desk one day, I realized there is great opportunity for storage in the unused vertical space (the Y plane) at the edge of a desktop. This magnetic peg board clamps onto a desk and comes with accessories including a magnetic strip, cork strip, and hanging shelf that are either magnetic or can be pegged into the plane. There’s also a built-in holder for your tablet. It is part organization, part exhibition space.