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Electrical Engineering

Our electrical engineers are experts at solving complex electronics design challenges.

We recruit top talent from leaders in the industry — Lockheed Martin Advanced Technology Labs, Comcast, Intel, Drexel, and the University of Pennsylvania’s GRASP robotics lab.

Bresslergroup’s electrical and software engineers have 20+ years of experience in RF, analog design, embedded systems, and firmware and software development.

Our Engineers At Work

Our wide range of technical expertise in electronics design is amassed from our team’s hands-on experience in industries including aerospace, medical, consumer electronics, robotics, industrial, spacecraft, and telecommunications.

Embedded Systems

We guide clients around embedded-development pitfalls and make your products smarter.

  • Hardware design and development experience with a range of architectures — small MCUs through large microprocessors, DSPs, customs ASICs, and FPGAs.
  • Expertise in analog circuit design and simulation, front-end circuitry, and interfaces required for other systems and the outside world, verified using state of the art simulation tools.
  • Familiarity working with a wide range of analog sensors and the required front-end circuitry — accelerometers, gyroscopes, temperature, pressure, light, motion, magnetometers, and many more.
  • Design partnerships with many semiconductor manufacturers, and support for custom development environments for embedded modules, such as Marvell, Broadcom, TI and others.
  • Design for everything (DFX) — with the goal of lowest cost build and best yield, taking into account industrial design versus electronic tradeoffs, and mechanical versus electronic tradeoffs.
  • Power supply design in a variety of applications — including USB charging, Buck / Boost / SEPIC / PFC switching supply designs, and motor drives.

Connected Devices

We develop the hardware and firmware that let your products connect and communicate.

  • In-house RF design and test capability, with RF engineers who are experienced working with BT, 802.15.4, WiFi radios, and associated stacks.
  • In-house antenna design and tuning.
  • In-house pre-certification testing, with EMC testing chamber, network, and spectrum analyzers.
  • OTAU (over-the-air update) development as part of life-cycle development to make the device smart enough to detect versions, safely download, update, and go back to work.

Software & Firmware Development (Mobile Apps)

We have the experience to efficiently build integrated user experiences, bridging mobile devices to your product through the cloud.

  • Mobile and cloud application development and integration — Android / iOS apps, MQTT / COAP / JSON protocols, cloud database instances, etc.
  • Experience working with a range of connected device cloud services providers — AWS, Azure, Xively, Ayla, TiWi, Exosite, mbed, and others.
  • Embedded OS development work and complex embedded firmware design on Linux, FreeRTOS, MQX, ThreadX, uCOS, and others.
  • Expertise with adding GUIs to embedded devices at any price point — and the workflow to make those interfaces effective.
  • Development tool chains including Linux, IAR, Keil, GCC, CodeComposer, Visual Studio, Atmel Studio, Code Sourcery, Quartus, and others.

Our partnerships keep us on top of cutting-edge technology and allow us to offer clients the best access to support and design resources.

Technology & Distributor Partners

We’re proud of our relationships with leading semi-conductor manufacturers who have chosen to work closely with Bresslergroup based on our technical expertise.

We also work closely with major distributors of electronic parts. This lets us negotiate pricing upfront on behalf of our clients. It also means we can begin to work with supply chains early in the design process, which leads to better results for our clients.

Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller (see case study, below)

Have a Design Challenge?

We approach development problems from the perspectives of user experience, technology fit, and design for manufacturing. Come to us if you want to:

  • Build A Connected Device.

    With all the disciplines under one roof, we offer complete systems integration expertise to develop connected solutions that are optimized for user experience and ready to bring to market. Our electrical engineers are experienced with many wireless platforms and standards, and with integrating devices with popular ecosystems including Google, Nest, Apple HealthKit and HomeKit, Thread, and others. Read more about our experience developing IoT products.

  • Add A Wireless Device To Your Existing Project.

    We have the expertise and capabilities — including experienced RF engineers and equipment for pre-certification — to work with all wireless technologies. We can help define which ecosystems are important to your project, select parts for your application, and do all of the development work to ensure you choose the most appropriate antenna and connectivity stacks.

  • Build A Product With An Electronic Component.

    If you have an existing product and don’t know how to add electronics, we’ll recommend the best path forward based on what the product needs to accomplish from a use-case standpoint. (For example: Will it be portable or plugged in? What are the battery requirements? Does it require ruggedization? What architecture does all of this translate into?)

  • Add Sensors To Your Project.

    We’ve designed a variety of sensor interfaces, working closely with our interaction design colleagues to create the best real-world connection to clients’ electronic products.

  • Find A Partner To Help With Manufacturing.

    We guide our clients in the consumer, medical, and industrial spaces through many different certification processes (CE, FCC, CA). Our staff includes project management professionals and engineers experienced with testing, verification, certification, setting up supply chains, and manufacturing. We have strong relationships with both domestic and off-shore contract manufacturers.

  • Look into Firmware And Software Development.

    If you’re interested in changing your product’s firmware, adding application development or software, or changing your PC application, we can help by adding graphics, networking, and connectivity to deliver on your IoT promise.

  • Change How Your Software Works.

    If you don't like the experience your mobile or software app provides, we have the expertise in software design, interaction design, and software architecture to create a better end product.

  • Add Over-The-Air Updates (OTAU) To An Existing Device.

    We have experience future-proofing connected devices and devices we're developing from scratch as well as projects whose development is already underway. We do so by helping to setting up the product to integrate with Nest, HomeKit, and other major IoT ecosystems by adding a complex OATU system.

Need help with electronic product design? Let’s talk.

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