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Product Brand Language

A product’s design language strengthens its emotional connection with customers and leads to higher brand awareness, increased customer retention, and a longer product life.

Bresslergroup leads clients through a process that deconstructs brand promise and extracts the values they want to bring forward. This work determines a design language strategy that is closely tied to brand.

As users grow more sophisticated, they expect branded experiences to be consistent across every mode and interaction. The most successful brand language communicates a brand’s core messaging across tangible and intangible attributes. 

Visual Brand Language

First impressions count. A product’s visual brand language (VBL) is its most powerful branding tool. Bresslergroup helps clients express their products’ most compelling points of differentiation through VBL development.

Connection needs to be more than surface-deep.

A VBL is composed of layers of visual considerations, including colors, materials, finishes, form, and icons and colors in the graphic user interface.  (Read about the VBL process in the Fellowes AeraMax Air Purifiers case study.) 

Multisensory Brand Language

Visual impact is king, but customers who touch a product are more likely to buy it. The sensory awareness created by touch forges a deeper, emotional connection. Adding multisensory impact to products has the same effect. Bresslergroup’s designers integrate interactive technologies such as gestural interfaces and haptic feedback into products for nuanced interactions that access sophisticated and interconnected senses. (Read more about multisensory design.)

Connection needs to be more than surface-deep, and Bresslergroup uses its tools – sophisticated user research methods, knowledge of emerging interactive technologies, and cross-disciplinary development teams – and platform to create enriched, immersive user experiences.

Branded Experiences

There is more to brand language and product experience than visual and multisensory design. Digital and physical interaction design plays a major role in crafting an overall branded, end-to-end product experience that stands out and supports brand values. (Read more about Digital-Physical Design.)

To read as authentic, a product’s brand voice must remain consistent from purchase through use. From onboarding to micro-interactions to interface language, Bresslergroup helps clients figure out how to make all of a product’s elements embody its brand values for a relevant, genuine product experience.

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