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Technology-Based Innovation

Clients count on Bresslergroup to lead them through challenging technical problems.

We recruit mechanical and electrical engineers who are excited to leverage technology in new and unexpected ways for the good of the consumer. 

Our experience in a wide range of industries helps us identify technologies that are ripe for cross-pollination as well as those that are coming down the cost curve and are available to solve problems in new markets. This process typically begins with research and ends with proof-of-concept prototyping to prove out the solutions.

Technology Research

Clients often need the technology in their products to solve a specific problem or set of problems. Once those problems are defined, we undergo a targeted technology assessment to unearth possibilities. Our “technology sweeps” unloose recently introduced technologies and those that are already in use in other industries. We pull from our deep experience across segments and work regularly with IP counsel to define obstacles and understand opportunities. After analyzing our results, we’re ready to define technology platforms that make the most sense from a performance, cost, and integration perspective.

Concept Development and Strategy

Concepts grow directly out of challenges faced by our clients: For example, a client may want to use new technology in a next-generation product to make it work in a novel way that satisfies a user need. Or a product in a crowded field may need proprietary features that won’t infringe on current patents. Maybe the feature set in a connected device is outdated and needs a longer-lasting, future-proofed alternative. Often, working with our interaction and industrial design colleagues, technical challenges are driven by the opportunity to improve usability or enhance interactivity.

Our process can result in pursuing multiple approaches in parallel to reduce risk or in making an educated choice of one approach to pursue. From the start we consider issues related to manufacturability, size, and cost to ensure the solution will perform and will be appropriately priced. Basic production strategy and preliminary COGS (Cost of Goods Sold) analysis engenders the confidence to proceed to the next phase.

Proof of Concept Prototyping

With the concepts approved, our mechanical and electrical engineers work in parallel to dig into the details and set out to prove the efficacy of the approach. We start building quickly and even crudely in order to first solve fundamental issues. We progressively mature the ideas through successive builds.


Tools including advanced CAD analysis and engineering calculations enable us to move quickly and solve the most pressing problems as they arise. And we leverage the collective expertise of our twenty-plus person engineering team with mechanical and electrical engineering talent and experience in consumer, medical, aerospace, and other backgrounds.

Proving out robust and clever technological, mechanical, and electrical solutions, we rapidly and rigorously move product ideas from napkin sketch to proof of concept to launch.

What problem can we solve for you? Challenge us.

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