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November 6, 2015

Andrew Golaszewski Speaks at World Usability Day 2015

On November 12, Bresslergroup hosted Philadelphia’s celebration of World Usability Day 2015, organized by PhillyCHI and co-sponsored by Onward Search. This year is the tenth anniversary of World Usability Day, an annual event that celebrates “Making Life Easier” with events occurring around the world. The theme for 2015 is “Innovation.” 

The standing-room only crowd enjoyed three lightning talks. Andrew Golaszewski, Senior User Researcher at Bresslergroup, presented “Usability & Innovation: Friends or Foes?” in which he examined the often tenuous relationship between two powerful forces. Innovative thinkers seek to bring brand new ideas into the world, sometimes at the risk of reinventing the wheel; and usability practitioners often espouse established conventions that can prevent high-reward risks from ever being taken. Golaszewski offered solutions to better integrate usability in the process of developing innovative products and ideas.

Other speakers included Erin Abler, Lead Content Designer at the City of Philadelphia Office of Innovation & Technology (OIT), who discussed the wide-scale redesign of Mike Gadsby, Partner and Chief Experience Officer at O3World, examined a series of studies his company has begun related to their year-old labs initiative. 


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