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September 23, 2021

Baebies FINDER Wins 2nd Place in the 2021 dmi:Design Value Awards

The Design Management Institute recognized Bresslergroup with a Second Place Award for Baebies FINDER, a rapid intuitive newborn screening device.

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The dmi:Design Value Awards recognize “teams that have worked across boundaries to deliver significant value through design or design management practices. … The fourteen 2021 Design Value Award winners are exemplars in their fields, a distinguished list of international organizations that include non-profit agencies, government entities, large multinationals, and regional enterprises.”

Baebies FINDER grew out of an unmet need for tests that require small sample sizes and deliver quick results. Nearly 10% of all babies born are admitted to the NICU, where they’re evaluated using tests intended for adults. These diagnostic tests require large samples of fluid — sometimes requiring almost half of an infant’s total blood volume. 

Baebies, a growth-stage medical technology company, developed digital microfluidics technology that operates on just a drop of blood for testing, with a test turnaround of an astonishing 15 minutes. Through research, prototyping, and testing, Bresslergroup helped Baebies make this technology usable and accessible with FINDER.

The fully integrated digital-physical diagnostic device brings groundbreaking testing technology to a patient’s side. By maximizing diagnostic yield and providing rapid turnaround time for results, FINDER helps babies and their families by reducing hospital stays, improving mortality, and avoiding serious complications. 

Baebies FINDER was also named a Finalist in the 2021 Medical Design Excellence Awards (MDEA) competition. This is Bresslergroup’s fourth dmi:Design Value Award.

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