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June 7, 2021

Bresslergroup and Rachio on 'America by Design' Primetime TV Series

Nationally Broadcast TV Series About American Innovation, Ingenuity, and Design To Feature Bresslergroup

Bresslergroup is excited to be featured in the premiere episode of America By Design, a series made for primetime television about the technological innovations and breakthroughs affecting society. The six-episode series debuted on Saturday, June 12th.

Watch the segment:


Across its six episodes, America By Design shines a spotlight on American ingenuity and design excellence by featuring thirty game-changing innovations. Bresslergroup’s segment features Managing Partner, Strategy and Design, Mathieu Turpault, and Rachio’s Co-founder and CEO, Chris Klein, talking about the Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller, a smart home product that has disrupted a destructive lawn-culture paradigm by making sustainable water use delightful and effortless.

Bresslergroup has partnered with Rachio over two generations of its award-winning smart sprinkler controller to help Rachio achieve market leadership — and to help users conserve more than 120 billions of water and counting — by balancing technical complexity with usability. 

The America by Design segment touches on how the project team designed usability and sustainability into the smart sprinkler controller. Achieving optimal ease of use is a challenge with any smart home device, and designing sustainability into a consumer product is a significant challenge given the necessities of delivering a great user experience at a competitive price.

With these challenges comes the opportunity to make a huge impact. When multiplied by hundreds of thousands of units, a sustainable consumer product can have a resoundingly positive effect. Learn more about our work on Rachio 2 and Rachio 3.

About America by Design
America By Design provides primetime audiences with a peek into what it takes to go from a great idea to a successful, saleable product. Over four million viewers watched California by Design and New York by Design, the precursors to the America by Design series. In its U.S.-wide time-slots, America by Design is expected to reach an estimated average viewing audience of 1.2 million per episode with an estimated cumulative audience reach of 7.25 million for the series.

One or more innovations chosen from each of the first five episodes will advance to the sixth and final episode. The format for the final episode on July 17th is a countdown of the season’s top ten innovations, as determined by the show’s panel of judges.

All episodes are available to stream on the America by Design website and on the By Design TV YouTube Channel.

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