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September 11, 2017

Bresslergroup Talks Digital-Physical at Big Design 2017

Gladys Rosa-Mendoza, Bresslergroup’s Director of Design Strategy, and Bill Horan, Creative Director, Interaction Design, presented at the Big Design Conference 2017 in Addison, Texas on September 15th.

In their talk, The Interplay of Physical and Digital Design, Gladys and Bill shared strategies for blending the digital and physical. As more physical devices become embedded with technology, UX professionals find themselves shifting from purely digital or purely physical to an integrated digital-physical approach. 

This shift represents a significant opportunity to design more engaging product experiences. Techniques to do so include creating interdisciplinary project teams (and early collaboration between industrial and interaction design), digital-physical workflow mapping, and UX considerations for physical devices and environments.

Bresslergroup enjoyed contributing to the 10th annual Big Design Conference and joining the diverse mix of user experience and usability professionals from different industries who gathered in Texas to “think bigger” and learn from one another by sharing the ways they approach UX design from various angles.

About Big Design

Originally conceived in 2008, the Big Design Conference has become a must-attend event for user experience and usability professionals, digital marketers, designers, content strategists and developers. Our goal is to provide a low-cost, high-value conference experience. Big Design speakers are a diverse mix of industry brainiacs, well-known authors, web influencers, application developers and Oscar & Emmy winners. With over 1,000 attendees, the biggest names and the brightest minds show up at the Big Design Conference.

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