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March 14, 2019

Bresslergroup Presents at HFES 2019 Health Care Symposium

Members of Bresslergroup’s User Research team presented two talks at the 2019 International Symposium on Human Factors and Ergonomics in Health Care from March 24-27 at the Hilton Chicago in Chicago, Illinois. This annual symposium offers cutting-edge presentations, posters, and workshops on emerging issues in human factors for health care and the challenges facing the industry in the near future. 

Mind if I Awkwardly Watch You for Four Hours?” was featured in Monday’s session on User-Centered Design Approaches. This talk by Bresslergroup’s Director of User Research and Human Factors, Conall Dempsey, and Senior User Researcher, Maddy Ross, covers the benefits and challenges of long-form contextual inquiry, centered around a case study during which more than four hours were spent with each study participant — even though the process being investigated was relatively quick. Conall and Maddy covered key structural considerations on how to make the most of long research sessions and provide examples of how to best document events on a journey map to allow for a holistic view of the patient journey.

In “I Want To Learn in Context,” Senior User Researcher, Alex Visconti, and Conall Dempsey highlighted how the emerging field of virtual reality can add value to research data and reports, specifically for health care — an area clients may not have much access to. VR research deliverables allow clients to experience how their product is used in real life, or what it’s like to be an end user or patient undergoing a treatment. It brings the person who is learning the insight closer to the context in which the insight was illuminated. The talk includes practical information about how to use 360 cameras in the field to capture contextual inquiry data and how to transfer that to virtual reality headsets for an immersive and empathy-inducing research-deliverable experience for clients. “I Want To Learn in Context” was part of Tuesday’s session on Contextual Research and Virtual Reality.

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