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September 26, 2017

Bresslergroup Wins Two 2017 dmi:Design Value Awards

Along with our clients, Rachio and BK Ultrasound, Bresslergroup is pleased to announce Second and Third Place wins in the 2017 dmi:Design Value Awards for our work on Rachio’s Smart Sprinkler Controller, Generation 2 and the BK Ultrasound Sonic Window.

Bresslergroup, Rachio, and BK Ultrasound were among 14 winners announced at the 2017 dmi:Design Value Awards Dinner Ceremony, held during the DMI (Design Management Institute) Design Leadership Conference, in Minneapolis. According to DMI, the awards recognize “teams who have delivered significant value through design or design management practices.” The winners are “exemplars in their fields, a distinguished list of international organizations that include non-profit agencies, government entities, large multinationals, and regional enterprises.” 

“I’m incredibly proud of the team at Bresslergroup,” says Mathieu Turpault, Managing Partner and Director of Design, pictured above with Gladys Rosa-Mendoza, Bresslergroup’s Director of Design Strategy and Innovation. “All our disciplines, including Design Strategy, User Research, Industrial and Interaction Design, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, contributed to the design and development of these award-winning products. We are so fortunate to work with clients like BK Ultrasound and Rachio whose belief in design as an agent of change gives us the opportunity to realize products that make a positive impact. Creatively solving the kinds of challenges presented by these products is why we got into the business of design in the first place. And DMI, an important advocate for the strategic value of design, provides a powerful platform from which to amplify design’s value.”

DMI stated, “DMI is proud to have awarded Bresslergroup two Design Value Awards. Their work is representative of the value that design adds at strategic, aesthetic, financial, and social levels.”

The winning projects:

Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller, Generation 2 (Second Place Winner) is the first smart sprinkler with direct integration with Amazon Echo and Alexa, which allows users to implement weather delay and zone control commands simply by using their voice. Its ease of use empowers consumers to save up to fifty percent off their monthly water bill while knowing they are helping to conserve one of the planet’s greatest resources. Since it was launched in 2013, the system has saved 4.5 billion gallons of water (and counting). The product is manufactured totally by U.S. contractors, which creates local jobs and reduces shipping and waste. Read about Bresslergroup’s work on Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller, Generation 2

Click to see a PDF of our award entry for Rachio’s Smart Sprinkler Controller, Generation 2.

Bk Ultrasound Sonic Window (Third Place Winner) improves patient outcomes by enabling clinicians to quickly and easily achieve vascular access at ‘first stick.’ It increases the success rate of IV placements in difficult patients by fifty to eighty percent, which translates to a savings in time and materials of up to $1,250 for every hundred IV starts. Patient benefits include less discomfort from multiple sticks, especially for difficult-to-stick patients; reduction of unnecessary central line infections; reduced risk of complications; and faster treatment and quicker advancement of the patient through the hospital system. Read about Bresslergroup’s work on BK Ultrasound Sonic Window.

Click to see the PDF of our award entry for the BK Ultrasound Sonic Window.

About DMI: The Design Management Institute (DMI) is an international membership organization that connects design to business, to culture, to customers–and to the changing world. Founded in 1975, DMI brings together educators, researchers, designers, and leaders from every design discipline, every industry, and every corner of the planet to facilitate transformational organizational change and design driven innovation. DMI focuses its mission in three areas: design valuation, education, and connection.

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