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January 9, 2018

Chris Murray Talks Tech and UX at Core77's Design Lounge at CES 2018

Director of Industrial Design, Chris Murray, was one of four design leaders invited to speak at Core77’s Design Lounge during CES 2018.

Chris’s talk, It’s Not the Technology, It’s the Experience, on January 11th, focused on the importance of research to drive decisions about an IoT product’s end-to-end experience.

A good research effort tells you whether the device you’re designing should be connected in the first place. Insights from research help a design team make careful decisions early on about what experience an IoT device should provide, and then see it through to execution. Chris focused on specific IoT design challenges, including ease of setup, ease of use, privacy, and security. 

Other design thinkers participating in Core77’s Design Lounge at CES 2018 included Fred Bould of Bould Design, Pip Tompkin of Pip Tompkin Design, and Jordan Nollman of Sprout Studios. Core77’s Design Lounge was located in the Design and Source Showcase, South Plaza in the Las Vegas Convention Center during CES 2018 (January 9-12).

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