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February 15, 2018

David Schiff on 'How To Work with Medical Device Design Firms' in Assembly Magazine

Assembly magazine interviewed Director of Research and Development, David Schiff, along with other experts for their article, “How To Work with Medical Device Design Firms.”

In the article, reporter, Austin Weber, covers the why and how for manufacturers considering working with a third-party medical device firm.

There are many reasons why manufacturers should consider working with a third-party firm. Medical devices are growing in complexity with connectivity becoming a new standard, new types of materials, shorter time to market, increased regulatory oversight, and rising stakes for product failures. Third-party firms offer multidisciplinary teams accustomed to collaborating closely on complex products. They will take a product from concept to commercialization without making the expensive, time-consuming mistakes that can arise from development silos. This helps new products get to market faster.

Medical manufacturers also benefit from the human-centered approach taken by design firms who work across categories and industries. And cross-pollination of ideas is another advantage that contributes to innovation: “A third-party design firm can offer a wealth of experience, both from within the medical product sector and from the world of consumer and industrial products,” Schiff points out in the article. “The result can be access to relevant ideas and inventions often beyond the exposure of the typical medical device manufacturer.”

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