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November 1, 2017

Todd Zielinski on the Building Blocks of IoT Design in Digital Engineering Magazine

Tom Kevan of Digital Engineering magazine interviewed Todd Zielinski, Bresslergroup’s Senior Director of Electrical Engineering, for “Building Blocks of IoT Design,” an article in the November issue about the hardware building blocks that can be expected to dominate Internet of Things (IoT) product development.

“The rise of the IoT, with its breadth of applications and disparate design requirements, is forcing product designers to seek greater chip-configuration diversity,” writes Kevan. Unlike with smartphones, designing for IoT means leaning more toward custom solutions than one-size-fits-all. Design engineers are not able to use the same chip design for millions of applications with the IoT.

In the article, Todd Zielinski weighs in on SoCs versus SiPs, pointing out that the former present serious development risks. SiPs are more accessible to a low-volume developer and have less risks in development. Choosing from the spectrum of hardware option means balancing expected volume, time-to-market requirements, aggressive design and RF requirements, and available in-house expertise.

Todd also contributed to a related article published earlier this year, “IoT Platforms: A Patchwork of Technologies.” 

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