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November 2, 2018

Ed Mitchell on Design Nudges at World Usability Day 2018

Bresslergroup partnered with PhillyCHI for the fourth year in a row to celebrate World Usability Day. World Usability Day (WUD) aims to bring communities together around the world to learn how to ensure services and products are easier to access and simpler to use, and we were thrilled to sponsor WUD 2018 right here in Philly on Thursday, November 8th.

This year’s theme was Design for Good or Evil. Good UX causes delight and bad UX causes problems. Design has a huge influence on people’s behavior. We all like to think we are helping but sometimes we don’t look closely enough. A series of curated talks illuminated how Philadelphia UX’ers are examining their designs to find ways to improve the world by better usability.

Bresslergroup Senior Industrial Designer, Ed Mitchell, discussed design “nudges” and their power to positively and negatively influence people and society. Overall, are nudges moving us towards a more objectively productive world, or are they always tainted by the self-serving interests of the people / companies who design them into their products?

Ed walked the audience through a range of examples from the realms of physical design, digital design, and UX design. Also on the program were talks about accessibility issues with voice interfaces, AI and -isms, and the need for more user-centered healthcare systems.

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