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February 25, 2020

Forrester Recognizes Bresslergroup in 'Now Tech: Digital Product Development Services' Report

Bresslergroup is proud to be recognized in Forrester’s recently released Now Tech report of digital product development service firms for Q1, 2020 (Now Tech: Digital Product Development Services, Q1 2020, Forrester Research, Inc., February 11, 2020)

The report was preceded by an end-of-2019 blog post by lead researcher, Nigel Fenwick, who heralded 2020 as “the year of digital products.”

“Because execs in many firms are already evolving in their digital maturity, I expect we’ll see greater awareness of digital product opportunities in 2020 and 2021,” he wrote. “But very few tech vendors who claim expertise in digital transformation are truly helping clients design and build new digital products to sell to customers. This is why I’m writing a series of research reports around digital product development services, starting early in 2020.”

Now Tech is one of these promised reports.

The Now Tech report defines digital product development service firms as those that ” … conceive, design, develop, launch, and scale new digital products that directly drive new revenue for clients — revenue which is typically differentiated from the client firm’s historic revenue model.” 

In the report, the researchers state, “While many ‘digital’ vendors claim that they can help you create digital products, few have proven experience building, launching, or even managing multiple products that drive direct revenue for their clients.” 

Bresslergroup is proud to be recognized by Forrester as one of 19 digital product development service providers “with proven experience building, launching, or even managing multiple products that drive direct revenue for their clients.”

The report breaks digital product development into three segments, including “hybrid digital/physical product development.” Out of the 19 vendors included, Bresslergroup is one of five categorized as a “hybrid digital/physical product developer.” Additionally, the report has three market presence segments, sorted by revenue — large, mid-size and smaller — and Bresslergroup is one of only two providers of hybrid digital/physical product development services outside of the report’s “large” market presence segment. 

Digital-Physical Design is one of Bresslergroup’s core expertise areas. Our strategists, researchers, engineers, and designers understand the complex and constantly evolving product landscape and employ a proven, collaborative process that seamlessly blends digital and physical. Constant collaboration between seven disciplines under one roof, as well as a practice of testing early and often, leads to richer, deeper customer engagement, and to more successful products. Learn more about Bresslergroup’s Digital-Physical Design expertise and read some of our case studies in digital-physical design: Victor: A Better Mousetrap, Rachio: Elevating a Market Leader, and Music; Not Impossible.

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