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May 29, 2019

Trend-Driven Healthcare Innovation with Design Strategists, Ryan Chen and Anat Mooreville, PhD (Webinar)

On Thursday, June 6th, Bresslergroup live-presented “Healthcare Product Innovation: How To Compete in a Shifting Space,” a webinar featuring Director of Design Strategy and Innovation, Ryan Chen, and Design and Innovation Strategist, Anat Mooreville, PhD.

The webinar deck is now available on Slideshare.

For decades, product designers have considered medical to be the most conservative category. Strict regulation, demanding users, and high stakes meant that change in the healthcare field was slow and steady, and new innovations could take years to reach market. But even the healthcare industry isn’t immune to change.

The mobile apps, online communities, wearable devices, and embedded intelligence that are reshaping how we work, play, travel, and communicate are also transforming healthcare. So is a surge in healthcare needs. The industry is moving to a value-based care model to control spiraling costs and improve efficiency. At the same time, the consumerization of healthcare is opening the industry to new players and disruptions. 

 A transformation in how practitioners and patients view healthcare is underway — and it’s leading to opportunities for innovation. 

As product designers who’ve worked with medical clients for decades, we’ve never seen a time of more dramatic change. The healthcare industry is no longer business as usual. Design strategists, Mooreville and Chen, have developed a framework for understanding this transformation that begins by identifying five profound shifts — Health + Wellness; Empathic Care; Data-Informed Personalization; Anytime, Anywhere; and Seamless Integration — based on trend and business research.

In “Healthcare Product Innovation: How To Compete in a Shifting Space,” Mooreville and Chen talked through these shifts and explained how to apply these insights to design strategies for successful, future product innovation.

About the Speakers

With a PhD in the History of Global Health from UCLA, Anat Mooreville’s experience includes stints as an educator, researcher, and strategist in the non-profit, higher ed, and consulting sectors, working with Pfizer, Abbie, Otsuka and others. At Bresslergroup, she pairs trend analysis with consumer, user, and market research to help clients determine what, why, and when to innovate.

An expert in design strategy, design thinking, and user research, Ryan Chen has worked across disciplines (industrial design, user research, and design strategy); borders (Singapore, Belgium, China, Thailand, and the U.S.); and industries (consumer electronics, household products, and healthcare). He holds an M.B.A. from the University of Oxford and a B.A. (Industrial Design) from National University of Singapore.

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