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January 15, 2014

IDSA Webinar: Design Your Future with Mathieu Turpault

Mathieu Turpault, Managing Partner and Director of Design, will lead the next installment in IDSA’s Design for Success series of interactive webinars. His “Design Your Future” webinar is based on Mathieu’s three-part Design Your Future series on Accelerator. 

In it he’ll explain how globalization and rapidly developing technologies are transforming industrial design and, along with it, traditional industrial design careers. As the product development process accelerates dramatically in the next five to ten years, the challenge for designers will be how to manage this high-speed process.

Happily, major transitions also usher in major opportunities for those who are tactical, nimble, flexible, and forward-thinking. Mathieu will outline key opportunities for industrial designers seeking to expertly navigate a constantly moving world.

This hour-long webinar event was held on February 25th at 1:00PM EST. Non-IDSA members can  download the pdf of the presentation.

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