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June 5, 2013

Invisible Product Wins! Plus Two Products You Can See.

Bresslergroup, along with its clients Smiths Detection, Ugmo, and Aquabot, is the recipient of three Golds in Appliance Design’s 2013 Excellence in Design Awards.

The winning products include Smiths Detection HazmatIDElite, a handheld chemical detection device used by first responders; the Ugmo UG1000, a ‘smart’ — and partly invisible! — irrigation system that wirelessly connects underground moisture sensors with a central control system; and the Aquabot Breeze XLS, a ‘bot that cleans swimming pools.

The trio of award-winning designs represents the diversity of Bresslergroup’s portfolio — from leisure to life-saving products — and expertise in engineering, sustainability, and integrated industrial and interaction design.

Appliance Design’s annual awards are juried by a panel of independent judges from industry associations. They select from submitted designs based on a scorecard of elements, including innovation, simplicity, and strong functionality for the user. Other considerations are optimized capabilities, environmental footprint, and energy- and cost-savings. The winners are published in the June issue of Appliance Design magazine and archived online.

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