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November 12, 2016

Mark Clark Talks To Plastics Engineering Magazine about Complex Development Challenges

In the October 2016 issue of Plastics Engineering magazine, Mark Clark reveals specific challenges that came with designing BDAS+ , an award-winning multiresin biological emergency response device.

This high-durability disposable is meant for one-time use for potentially extreme conditions. Since it’s a portable product, weight was a concern. In the article, “Sophisticated Software Is Helping to Reshape Plastic Part Design,” by Geoff Giordano, Clark explains how his team used software to solve for these constraints.

“We wanted to make it tough and durable, and we didn’t want to use any more material than was absolutely necessary,” Clark told Giordano. He and his project team made use of many tools and techniques, including draft analysis and a considerable amount of FEA (finite element analysis), relying heavily on SolidWorks Simulation. Clark goes on to share some shortcuts and other software used by the project team to develop BDAS+.

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