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September 3, 2015

Chris Murray Presents at PDMA's 2015 Annual Conference

Director of Industrial Design, Chris Murray, will lead an educational breakout session at the PDMA 2015 Annual Conference in Anaheim, California on November 9, entitled, “When Worlds Collide: Better Product Branding Through Integrated Industrial and Interaction Design.”

Visual has been far and away the most impactful branding element for products, but other modes are gaining strength and in some cases supplanting visual altogether. There is a lot more to brand language and to product experience than visual design. The digital and physical interaction design community is being tasked to contribute more to the overall branded, end-to-end product experience.

Technology convergence is catalyzing change in every corner of product development, from what we make (more connected devices), to an increasing overlap between industrial and interaction design and between digital/physical design language and branding. In this presentation, Chris Murray will talk about techniques for integrating industrial and interaction design processes to create that harmonious product brand language for embedded devices and for connected devices that are “beyond” the screen.

The Product Development and Management Association (PDMA’s) Annual Conference “leverages current industry-leading education and content created by product management professionals for product management professionals.”

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