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September 4, 2020

Matt Ambler and Jes Koepfler To Talk Integrated Product Design at UXinsight Festival 20

Matt Ambler, Director of Interaction Design, and Jes Koepfler, PhD, Director of UX Research and Strategy, gave a talk called “Communicating Integrated Product Design through Digital-Physical Workflows” at UXinsight Festival 20. The annual international conference, held online, connects leading experts from across the world of UX research to share knowledge, experiences, and ideas. 

Matt and Jes’s talk covered how a mapping tool like the digital-physical workflow can help communicate a design vision steeped in user research when you’re working on products that integrate the familiar feel of physical design with the connectedness and flexibility of digital interfaces.

With so many disciplines — interaction design, industrial design, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, software engineering — around the whiteboard, it’s essential to have a tool that embraces every discipline’s distinct language and role.

Translating insights from empathy and discovery sessions into a product experience map clarifies pain points, raises important questions to determine a product’s functional requirements, and helps everyone on the project team get on the same page.

Learn more about digital-physical workflows on our blog.

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