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November 4, 2013

NewsWorks: #Reflag Project for DesignPhiladelphia

The Philadelphia city flag. You really don’t see it that much.

“You really don’t,” said Edward Mitchell, an industrial designer at Philadelphia’s Bresslergroup. “When we’ve gone around and looked at this, you don’t even see it hung that much around the city, which has been kind of surprising.”

There’s nothing wrong with the current Philly flag, Mitchell says. But its design doesn’t inspire much affection, either.

After redesigning all 50 state flags as a side project earlier this year, Mitchell decided to turned his attention closer to home.

For DesignPhiladelphia, he reworked the city’s flag — keeping the blue and yellow color scheme, but ditching the city seal in favor of a stylized Liberty Bell.

“It’s kind of an obvious pick,” Mitchell said of the bell, “but it has such a strong background in relationship to the city.”

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