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May 5, 2016

O'Reilly Radar: 8 Mistakes That Can Derail Your IoT Project

“The Internet of Things has already begun to shape consumer electronics for the next decade. But every new capability brings new possibilities for failure: when those new capabilities require taking a straightforward product with a simple feature set and connecting it to an entire planet’s worth of digital information and input, things get complicated quickly. Connected devices might be the easiest products in the modern consumer landscape to get wrong.”

In “8 Mistakes That Can Derail Your IoT Project,” published in O’Reilly Radar, Director of Electrical Engineering, Todd Zielinski, and Creative Director, Interaction Design, Bill Horan, spell out eight common development blunders that send IoT devices down the wrong path. Todd and Bill, leaning on their experience designing IoT products at Bresslergroup, give advice on best practices in electronic product design across the development cycle, from process to collaboration to future-proofing to manufacturing.

Making careful decisions early on is key, as is seeing those decisions through to execution. “In practice,” they write, “this means binding your interaction design (IxD) process tightly to your electrical engineering (EE) process, and making sure the former is driving the user experience and the latter is driving decisions about technology.”


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