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January 13, 2017

Todd Zielinski on 5G Technology and the IoT in Autodesk’s Redshift Magazine

Matt Alderton of Redshift, Autodesk’s web magazine about the future of design and technology, interviewed Todd Zielinski, Bresslergroup’s Senior Director of Electrical Engineering, about the intersection of 5G networks, the Internet of Things, and product design for his article, “With 5G Technology, the Internet of (20.8 Billion) Things Will Be Realized.”

Writes Alderton, “Fifth-generation, or 5G, wireless networks promise to transform the IoT from a cerebral concept into a practical reality. The result will be not only a new generation of connected products and services but also a new sense of freedom for IoT product designers.”

Todd weighed in on the potential of 5G networks to allow devices to connect to one another directly without a central hub, letting them share computing resources in a distributed way. The result will be more efficient communications that require less battery power.

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