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September 29, 2017

Tom Dooley on "Intersections" Design Panel at DesignPhiladelphia

On October 5th as part of DesignPhiladelphia, Industrial Design Manager, Tom Dooley, participated in a panel co-presented by AIA Philadelphia and IDSA Philadelphia.

During “Intersections: The Fluid Boundary Between Design and Architecture,” Dooley and Richard Maimon, Partner at KieranTimberlake, discussed the historic, current, and future intersections between industrial design and architecture with a focus on their professions’ relationships with technology.

Dooley considered how industrial designers are engaged in humanizing new technologies and using them to build user-centered product experiences. He used recent Bresslergroup case studies to illustrate these ideas. Dooley also talked about the many ways technology has changed the way industrial designers work, from increased use of digital CAD to 3D printing for prototyping to production.

The panel took place on October 5th from 12-1:30 pm at the Center for Architecture and Design. 

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