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June 12, 2021

Visionary Product Strategy: A How-To for Product Strategists, Planners, and Innovators

Today’s consumers develop their own perceptions of brands instead of passively accepting brand-crafted messages. Their perceptions are shaped by their experience using a brand’s products, or by reading reviews of others’ experiences.

In a 45-minute webinar on Thursday, June 24th, Ryan Chen, Bresslergroup’s Executive Director of Strategy, discussed how companies can plan for future product experiences that will create brand evangelists. The webinar was based on a paper published in Journal of Brand Strategy.

>> This live event has passed. Watch the recording.

Webinar participants learned:

• Design and Innovation Strategy methods and techniques to create robust future-driven brand strategies by anticipating and planning for shifting consumer behavior
• By example, via three case studies from three different industries — educational, consumer, and commercial
• Recommended actions to help shift a company’s mindset toward centering the product experience

Visionary Product Strategy: A How-To for Product Strategists, Planners, and Innovators is useful for anyone involved in the future planning or product development of physical and digital-physical products — including product management, R&D, branding, and marketing professionals at start-ups to established brands.

About Bresslergroup:
Bresslergroup is an insight-driven product innovation lab whose strategists, researchers, designers, and engineers are trusted by forward-thinking leaders to solve inspiring design challenges in a constantly evolving product landscape. We drive innovation that fuels growth in categories ranging from consumer products to medical devices. Recently we announced we’re merging with Delve, an innovation consulting firm based in Madison, Wisconsin, with offices in Boston and San Francisco. Learn more about our Design & Innovation Strategy expertise.

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