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July 2, 2019

WonderSphere Featured in "Futurekind: Design By and for the People"

WonderSphere, designed by Bresslergroup in partnership with our client, Katie Stoudemire at Wonder Connection, is one of 60 design projects featured in the newly released book, Futurekind: Design by and for the people (Thames and Hudson) by Robert Phillips.

Phillips, an award-winning product designer and senior tutor for the design products course at the Royal College of Art, London, filled the book with “innovative, socially, and environmentally conscious designs that allow us to change the world for the better.”

WonderSphere is featured in the chapter, “Access To Knowledge.” The writeup details Stoudemire’s aspirations for the project and its technical challenges.

WonderSphere is a sealed, mobile chamber that lets hospitalized kids get their hands dirty. Natural experiences serve as positive emotion boosters, but natural materials are dangerous for kids with weak immune systems, who can’t be exposed to germs and bacteria.

With built-in gloves that enable hospitalized, immune-compromised children to plant, dig, water, and touch nature without danger of infection, WonderSphere provides a multi-sensory, bedside field trip that passes standards established by Bresslergroup’s engineers in partnership with epidemiologists at the University of North Carolina Children’s Hospital. In 2016, the product received Core77’s Design for Social Impact award.

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