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November 11, 2016

World Usability Day 2016 at Bresslergroup

Bresslergroup hosted Philadelphia’s World Usability Day 2016 event, organized by Philly CHI and sponsored by The Creative Group, on Thursday, November 10th. World Usability Day (WUD) is an annual global happening that raises awareness of the power of design to “Make Life Easier.” The theme for 2016 was “Sustainable (Green) User Experience.” 

As at last year’s World Usability Day event at Bresslergroup, three speakers presented “lightning” ten-minute talks on the WUD theme. Seth GaleWyrick, Senior Mechanical Engineer and Sustainable Design Specialist at Bresslergroup, explored “The Intersection of Usability, Sustainability, and Biomimicry: Enabling Change.” Biomimicry is the science of emulating strategies from biology and natural systems to solve design challenges. The link between biomimicry and sustainability is clear. Likewise, the link between usability and sustainability is clear. Seth presented the case that all three disciplines working together can be an ideal catalyst for change. To learn more, read Seth’s blog posts on sustainable design

Other speakers included Bryan Clayton of Prime who presented a case study on how his company is “revolutionizing the clinical research technology industry to allow Pharma and Biotech companies to streamline the collection of data and reduce the impact on our environment.”

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