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BD Diagnostics

A New Product Brand Strategy

Interaction Design, Industrial Design, Digital-Physical Design, Product Brand Language

Bresslergroup and BD Diagnostics rolled out a product brand strategy that pairs legacy elements with new, sophisticated features.

Strategic, actionable branding guidelines brought BD Diagnostics into the future and continue to provide a roadmap as more products are developed and acquired.

BD Diagnostics, an undisputed market leader in advanced medical technology, wanted to lead its market in visual unity and consistency.

Bresslergroup developed a visual brand language for BD Diagnostics in tandem with designing three products in its Totalys family.

The strategy called for strengthening and polishing what was already strong and integrating a new level of detail, including distinctive lighting elements and an improved digital user interface. Bresslergroup created and documented product design guidelines that are now used by BD designers and engineers around the world.

BD Diagnostics had grown quickly by acquisition and needed an actionable product branding strategy to make everything look and feel cohesive. Like many companies, BD had a corporate identity but no strong, clearly stated product brand identity. Many products were designed by different firms for different companies — and they looked it. BD had an urgent need to implement a solution for ongoing acquisitions.

Bresslergroup led group sessions with stakeholders to generate keywords directly linked to BD Corporate’s core values to inform the visual brand language. It was important to Bresslergroup not to throw BD’s legacy elements aside. Its older-look equipment needed to tie in with the new VBL to maintain the impression of a highly focused, well-organized company.

Certain consistencies among existing branding elements and legacy products made sense to maintain and amplify as part of the new product branding strategy. Cohesiveness with existing branding elements across customer touch-points — on BD’s logo, website, instruments — was another factor.

We maintained legacy features including biomorphic, humanistic surfaces; a warm color palette, and strong edge chamfers and wraparound radiuses. Adding a new digital user interface design and an unexpected, multimedia blue lighting feature inside the instruments — a strong multisensory branding element that also functions as an indicator — upped the sophistication level of the brand’s interaction design while maintaining high-level architectural elements. (Find out more about our Product Brand Language expertise.)

The centralized product branding strategy was rolled out via three products — BD MAX, BD FX40, and BD Totalys FEA — that became references for the new design guidelines. The new VBL supports the company’s approach to lead into the future and it defines a high-quality new look and feel to be implemented as further products are developed and acquired. The product design guidelines we created and documented are now used by designers and engineers around the world who are developing new products for BD Diagnostics.

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