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App Connected Coffeemaker

Interaction Design, Industrial Design, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Digital-Physical Design, Technology-Based Innovation

Bruvelo takes single-cup coffee to the next level by allowing unparalleled control over brewing parameters.

Bresslergroup developed a simple, intuitive UI that cloaks the device’s complexity from the groggy, early-morning user.

The key to a successful complex device is to make it feel simple.

Entrepreneur Dustin Sell had a clear vision for Bruvelo: to make it easy for coffee drinkers to brew competition-grade, single-cup coffee. Brewing that perfect cup requires the precise tuning of many elements.

Variables such as brew temperature, ground and water ratio, and steep time differ based on bean type. By automating these inputs, Bresslergroup reduced the decision points for the user and made an elaborate undertaking feel straightforward and minimal. Such simplicity is only made possible by a foundation built with complex engineering.

Fitting a number of clever mechanisms into a seamless system introduces multiple points of complexity. Bresslergroup developed a laundry list of technical solutions that, in combination, enable Bruvelo’s simple experience. They include a novel, easily removable carbon-block water filter, and an actuator that moves in and out of the removable brew chamber, plugging it for steeping.

The electrical engineering team researched and sourced the best operating system and embedded graphics library from a minimal cost platform, and integrated the hardware and software to match the UI and the client’s cost and performance requirements.

Our interaction design team translated Bruvelo’s complex workflow and technology into a streamlined product experience to fulfill Sell’s vision of simplicity and quality. Many fidelities of prototypes were built to test usability and functionality.

An embedded capacitive touchscreen allows flexibility to choose recipes or adjust parameters, but the primary interactions are kept relevant, contextual, and simple. Each screen contains just one or two actions to guide users – and no distractions from the task at hand.

I couldn’t be happier with Bresslergroup’s work. Not only did they listen to my goals for the product, but they provided invaluable insight into the ‘how and why’ people use a product or feature.” – Dustin Sell

At the push of one button the coffee maker measures, grinds, aerates, and brews whole beans; preheats water and maintains the temperature; and pre-rinses the filter. Together, these elements compose “recipes,” and the type of bean chosen by the user will determine specific parameters. Using the mobile app, a user chooses the bean type, then wirelessly pushes those recipes to the device.

Sell launched a successful campaign on Kickstarter, where Bruvelo was named a Staff Pick and was picked up by major tech and design publications including Engadget, Core77, and PSFK. He paused the campaign on the cusp of full funding in order to gather feedback and start work on the next iteration.

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