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Branded Air Purifiers

User Research, Interaction Design, Industrial Design, Product Brand Language, Digital-Physical Design

Three core brand values – “pure, clean and powerful” – were chosen to drive the look, feel, and user experience of this new product line.

Bresslergroup created a holistic experience across three products whose every element and interaction reflect those values.

To smooth Fellowes’ expansion into a new product category, Bresslergroup created a line of air purifiers designed to showcase and strengthen the company’s longstanding brand values.

After years of being known for one product – paper shredders – Fellowes saw an opportunity to maximize its connections with major consumer office-supply distribution channels by expanding into a new category. They asked Bresslergroup to help design a line of air purifiers and a product branding strategy that supplements the company’s image of sleek, intelligent, and innovative.

Bresslergroup guided stakeholders through a formal process, starting with work sessions to determine the values – “pure, clean, and powerful” – that would drive the visual brand language (VBL) development. We translated these values into a lozenge profile whose simple shape and soft-edged, rectilinear, and approachable VBL distinguish it from boxy competitors. Its seamlessness is uninterrupted by an intuitive touchscreen user-interface with enlarged, user-friendly icons and a quietly powerful blue, red, and amber palette.


It was important to Fellowes that AeraMax qualify for an Energy Star Rating. A Life Cycle Analysis revealed that “vampire draw” was zapping 20% of the total energy used. While competing air purifiers are always on or in standby mode, Bresslergroup and Fellowes decided to add an on/off switch. The decision increased manufacturing costs, but it ensures a higher efficiency appliance with a better environmental impact than its competitors.

Because Fellowes planned to sell the air purifiers internationally, Bresslergroup developed a pictogram language that can be understood in any language and user-tested the icons to make sure their meaning was clear.

Fellowes’ AeraMax Air Purifiers have gone on to win a Silver Excellence in Design Award from Appliance Design magazine and be chosen as a Finalist in IDSA’s IDEA Awards. They are certified by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America and the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers, and they are Energy Star-qualified.

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