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Temptu had a vision of a compact, powerful airbrushing device, and we proved it was possible.

Three disciplines worked in lock step to develop the lightweight, portable Temptu Air, which makes applying foundation quick and easy.

Allure declared Temptu Air, the first cordless, handheld airbrush makeup applicator, a “feat of beauty engineering.”

Temptu isn’t new to makeup innovation. In 2009 the company introduced the AirPod system (kind of like the Keurig of airbrushing). But its interchangeable pods, while much neater and easier than any other airbrush system, still required the use of a separate, squarish machine that sat on your table and needed an outlet.

Once pump and battery technology progressed to the point where it made sense to integrate AirPod into the all-in-one device they’d always envisioned, Temptu came to Bresslergroup.

The challenge: How small could we make the whole package while ensuring high performance and the appropriate battery life? How could we provide the power of a plug-in unit in a form that’s lightweight, compact, and sleek? 

Temptu Air needed to be easy and practical — small enough to throw in a purse, and powerful enough to last a long weekend without needing to charge.

Product development was an act of balancing power and air output requirements with the need for miniaturization. Under such tight constraints, each decision created a ripple effect and new challenges for the rest of the project team.

Our industrial designers worked around the existing AirPod — and around the circuitry, motor, and cylindrical battery sourced by our engineers — to sculpt a small, elegant form that fits into and feels good in a user’s hand. Creating prototypes for three different concepts helped illuminate the right direction.

After sourcing a powerful battery, our mechanical engineers went through much trial-and-error to find the right air compressor and pump, building proof of principle models to validate the resulting concept. The electrical engineers built circuitry to fit within tight space constraints.

How small could we make the whole package while ensuring high performance and the appropriate battery life?

Three digital settings replace the old product’s analog dial and its inexact, infinite settings. The new trigger allows for better control over color saturation. The micro USB port is as close to a universal port as exists — it plugs into a computer or car in an emergency, and a single charge lasts about two weeks. All of this is in a very portable half pound.

Bresslergroup provided all production support, collaborating with Temptu’s overseas manufacturer through delivery. It launched in August 2015 to much praise from the beauty industry. 

WWD called the launch of Temptu Air an “airbrush revolution” and later awarded it Prestige Beauty Product of the Year in its 2015 Beauty Inc. awards. Allure Magazine named Temptu Air one of thirteen winners in its Breakthrough Beauty 2015: Best of Beauty Product Winner competition.

Temptu Air was a finalist for a 2015 Spark Award in Product Design and was honored with appliance DESIGN’s 2016 Gold Excellence in Design (EID) award in its Small Appliance category.

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