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Portable Battery Chargers

Industrial Design, Design & Innovation Strategy, Design Research, Product Brand Language

Ventev got the design definition it needed to build its brand, compete in the mobile market, and justify premium prices.

Bresslergroup built a strategic visual brand language by targeting a specific user – the device-juggling professional on the go.

Bresslergroup helped Ventev strategize a look and feel that differentiates its new line of portable battery chargers in a crowded market.

After years of developing mobile accessories for private label retailers and brands like AT&T and Sprint, Ventev decided to exercise its strategic relationships with leading charger manufacturers to develop its own line. Since Ventev doesn’t develop technology, design differentiation was the main strategy for justifying premium pricing. Ventev had a strong brand profile in terms of marketing and communications, but it needed help developing a visual brand language (VBL) to inform product design in the short and long-term.

Bresslergroup led Ventev’s stakeholders through a process to decide on a handful of key brand attributes – relevant, purposeful, dependable, and inclusive – that would drive VBL for this product line. User research with the target audience – professional mobile consumers with multiple devices – revealed what frustrated them about their chargers. They’re often simultaneously powering a tablet and a smart phone at home, at work, or on the go (in cars, coffee shops, etc.). They often need help locating USB outlets in low light conditions, especially in cars. They also need chargers that work with existing USB cables.

Features in the final products, which include tangerine-colored, LED-lit USB ports and a dual-output combination charger option, address these problems. Research also drove the generation of user personas, which helped the design team execute targeted color/materials/finishes (CMF) and form development to create the underpinnings of a new lifestyle brand. The choice of charcoal grey as a base color helps differentiate Ventev’s mobile chargers from the mostly black chargers on the market. A soft-touch painted finish creates a tactile quality that offers a richer user experience. The tangerine accent color communicates brand values and adds energy to the design.

User personas helped the design team execute targeted color/materials/finishes (CMF) and form development.

Bresslergroup collaborated with Ventev’s suppliers and manufacturers, and the products were commercially available within 12 weeks of the completed design strategy. Ventev later applied the same product branding to additional products, including a smartphone case with built-in battery charger. It will continue to drive the look, feel, and function of Ventev’s new line as it continues to grow.

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